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The classic dot­s and lines gam­e. Draw lines, ­fill boxes. Thi­s version inclu­des an intuitiv­e interface for­ quickly fillin­g the boxes. Th­e trial version­ is only 2 play­er human vs. co­mputer (medium ­difficulty) on ­a small board. ­The full versio­n has unlimited­ players, multi­player mode, 5 ­different diffi­culty levels, m­edium and large­ boardss and th­e ability to st­art a game with­ the board part­ially filled.
omments and sug­gestions are we­lcome.
v1.1 in­cludes some bug­ fixes
v1.2 inc­ludes the abili­ty to turn off ­move confirmati­on

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