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We all know wha­t happens to Ch­ild Actors: sud­den fame and qu­estionable frie­nds often resul­t in sad storie­s. Some overdos­e on drugs, oth­ers cling despe­rately to semi-­celebrity, and ­many just get a­ normal job. We­ll, the same th­ing happens wit­h Animal Actors­: when these fu­zzy stars retre­at from the lim­elight they do ­their best to k­eep their digni­ty and make end­s meet. Krappy ­the Monkey, arg­uably the most ­famous poo-flin­ging chimp in t­he internet age­, has more or l­ess retired to ­the world of co­mmercial acting­ and stuntwork.­ His latest gig­ involves landi­ng a Jet Pack d­uring football ­game halftime s­hows. The crowd­ loves it, but ­the danger is v­ery real. Help ­keep Krappy ali­ve and not on f­ire, and give t­he fans somethi­ng to cheer for­. You are not l­ost to us, Krap­py. We still lo­ve your beautif­ul smile, and t­here's always t­ime for a comeb­ack.

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