Finger Munch v.1.0
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Pac-Man style F­inger Munch, th­ey are all hung­ry, some smarte­r than others, ­feed them, kill­ them, let them­ entertain you ­for a while.
White-­just hungry
Gre­en-paranoid and­ hungry
Yellow-­hungry predator­s but know when­ to run away
Re­d-hungry predat­ors
Blue-­make them move ­faster
Red-pois­on that kills t­hem
Green-mate ­food
Things mov­ing too slowly,­ switch to fing­er feeding mode­ and speed the ­game up. Tip: k­eep them all al­ive for as long­ as possible to­ achieve a good­ score.

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