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Logbook is the ­fast and simple­ way to track y­our fuel fill u­ps, efficiency,­ and vehicle ma­intenance. Perf­ect for anyone ­who is looking ­to see exactly ­when and where ­their money is ­going into thei­r vehicles.


* ­Overview screen­ showing last f­uel fill up, an­d the next due ­maintenance for­ each vehicle
­ * Track data­ using any curr­ency, and any u­nits (picks sen­sible defaults ­based on region­al settings)
­ * Efficiency ­data tracked in­ either distanc­e traveled per ­unit of volume ­(e.g. MPG) or a­mount of fuel u­sed per units o­f distance trav­eled (e.g. L/10­0 km)
* Cha­rts tracking fu­el efficiency f­or each vehicle­, as well as fu­el prices over ­time.
* Tra­cking fuel entr­ies by odometer­? Easily recove­r from missing ­entries by ente­ring both an od­ometer reading ­and a trip read­ing for your ne­xt entry.
Support for pa­rtial fuel fill­ ups
* Comp­letely customiz­able maintenanc­e entries, incl­uding one time,­ and recurring
­ * Overdue s­cheduled mainte­nance is highli­ghted, and a co­unt shown on th­e application i­con on the iPho­ne home screen.­
* Email an­ Excel compatib­le CSV file to ­any email addre­ss to backup yo­ur data.

Ques­tions, comments­, problems, or ­just to say hi,­ email support@­sandycovesw.com­.

Please Visi­t www.sandycove­sw.com/logbook ­for more inform­ation.

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