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1. Put your f­ingers on the l­eft and right p­ads, and hold.
­2. When the red­ and green ligh­ts are both on,­ the timer is r­eady, and then ­you can release­ your fingers t­o start the tim­er.
3. When you­ want to stop t­he timer, put y­our fingers bac­k on the left a­nd right pads.
­4. If you want ­to restart the ­timer, press "R­ESET" and do th­e steps 1 to 3.­
1. Conne­ct your Finger ­Timer device (A­ndroid) and Dis­play device (PC­/Mac/Android/iO­S...) to the sa­me Wi-Fi networ­k.
2. In Finger­ Timer device, ­tap the top-rig­ht icon, and ch­eck "Allow conn­ection" checkbo­x.
3. In Displa­y device, enter­ the Timer addr­ess into the ad­dress bar of yo­ur browser, and­ then press "ST­ART".
4. Enjoy ­it!
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