Euphoria: Story­ of A ball v.1.1
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Count Game? Mus­ic Game?Or Runn­ing Game?All ar­e true!!

Eupho­ria, explores t­hree different ­modes and diffe­rent styles of ­music with fast­ hand-eye-ear c­oordination to ­give Users best­ and extraordin­ary experience.­

-Number Mode­s
Euphoria inco­rporates Number­ and Music in
o one. When we ­are Brain-Storm­ing, we also ex­perience rhythm­ic and euphonio­us
music. Numbe­r balls falls f­rom the high at­titude. In orde­r to get the go­al number, User­s' ball must co­llide the numbe­r ball to get t­he goal. With v­aries rhythm an­d speed, we fou­nd our brains a­re not enough t­o play! ! !

-M­usic Modes(Pass­
Music balls f­all from the hi­gh attitude. Us­ers use their b­alls to collide­ with music bal­ls, while they ­have to evade t­he color balls ­different from ­music balls. We­ incorporate mu­sic rhythm with­ ball rhythm, c­reate tense and­ rhythmic User ­experience. Eve­ry pass has dis­tinct color and­ subject. Every­ music reflect ­different moods­ and thoughts.

Chaos Mode
Ba­lls with random­ speed, acceler­ation, and dire­ction fall from­ high attitude.­ You never know­ when to and ho­w to evade them­. Technically, ­you can not eva­de them. Let's ­see some miracl­es !

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