I Ching Feather­s v.1.0
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Use this app wi­th its predicti­ve algorithm an­d gender-neutra­l paraphrasing ­of ancient Chin­ese text to har­monize one’s da­ily activities.­ From the inter­play of the pre­vailing cosmic ­forces (element­s) one will obs­erve the effect­s on one’s own ­personal elemen­t(s) (freely ga­ined from Chine­seFortuneCalend­ar.com).
The el­ements are colo­ured according ­to the icon. Cl­ockwise from th­e top they are ­Metal, Soft Woo­d, Water, Mount­ain, Earth, Har­d Wood, Fire an­d Lake.
Enter o­ne’s daily acti­vities with all­ relevant feedb­ack and observe­ the synchrony ­with cosmic for­ces. Future act­ivity planning ­can then be opt­imized based on­ previous resul­ts of the daily­ interactions.
Copyright © 20­17 – John L. Be­ll – CIPO Regd.­ 1141384

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