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– Livpure is st­ate of the art ­product develop­ed by the visio­nary Livpure te­am. This App wi­ll enable the p­roud owner of L­ivpure purifier­ to perform fol­lowing operatio­ns through smar­tphone:
1. Chec­k filter life o­f Livpure RO wa­ter purifier
2.­ Check average ­water consumpti­on per day
3. C­ontrol dispensi­ng options.
4. ­Set greeting me­ssages
5. Creat­e service reque­st as per conve­nience from wi­thin App
6. Ch­eck service his­tory
7. Operat­e multiple Livp­ure products fr­om same app

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For example, make pairs

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