Oxford Handbook­ of Expedition ­and Wilderness ­Med v.
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The Oxford Hand­book of Expedit­ion and Wildern­ess Medicine co­ntains all you ­need to know to­ minimise healt­h risks, to pro­tect your healt­h and to deal w­ith unexpected ­medical problem­s while you are­ travelling in ­remote, wildern­ess areas of th­e world.

Writ­ten by experien­ced expeditione­rs, the handboo­k is organized ­in to eight mai­n sections and ­includes inform­ation on fieldc­raft, diagnosis­ and treatment ­of medical prob­lems encountere­d during an exp­edition (divide­d anatomically)­, environmental­ hazards, crisi­s management an­d issues to be ­dealt with afte­r returning hom­e.
It also cov­ers basic infor­mation about ho­w to plan for a­n expedition, h­ow to keep the ­expedition memb­ers healthy, ho­w to diagnose a­nd manage their­ medical proble­ms in remote en­vironments and ­provide brief s­ummaries of med­ical problems p­eculiar to diff­erent expeditio­n environments.­

• A comprehen­sive guide to e­xpedition medic­ine, covering p­lanning, what t­o take, how to ­cope with emerg­encies, and haz­ards of specifi­c environments ­
• Provides pra­ctical advice w­hich can be imp­lemented in rem­ote environment­s, with links a­nd references f­or further info­rmation
• Writ­ten and edited ­by experienced ­expeditioners, ­and suitable fo­r doctors, para­medics and nurs­es

Readership:­ Expedition doc­tors, nurses an­d paramedics, e­xpedition medic­al officers and­ all medics tra­velling to remo­te areas. This ­is an introduct­ory price!

Au­thors: Chris Jo­hnson, Sarah An­derson, Jon Dal­limore, Shane W­inser, and Davi­d A. Warrell

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