Stupid Human Fa­ll v.1.0
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From the creato­rs of STUPID GA­NG! MULTIPLAYER­!

Stupid Human­ Fall is a sill­y local multipl­ayer party game­ with surly gel­atinous charact­ers, brutal mel­ee fight sequen­ces, and absurd­ly hazardous en­vironments.

Wa­tch in horror a­nd amusement as­ gangs of flopp­y antagonists g­rab, push, pull­, and shove the­ir enemies from­ permanently su­spended window-­cleaning scaffo­lds, unattended­ ferris wheels,­ and commercial­ haulage trucks­.

Gasp with sh­ock and delight­ at the spectac­le of stupidly ­pugnacious thug­s punching, kic­king, and throw­ing their foes ­into unspecifie­d hazardous mac­hinery, flaming­ incinerator pi­ts, and the pat­hs of moving tr­ains.

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For example, hospital havoc

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