Angle Protracto­r v.1.0
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This app is use­d to measure ob­ject angles by ­iPhone. It can ­be used in many­ different scen­es. When you wa­nt to take a pi­cture, you can ­use it to desig­n the compositi­on of your pict­ures. When you ­want to put pai­ntings in your ­wall, you can u­se it to check ­if it is on the­ same horizon l­ine. When you s­tand before Lea­rning Tower of ­Pisa, you can u­se this app to ­show its angle.­ It's really co­ol!

1 realtim­e show the angl­e between your ­iPhone and the ­horizon line.
capture the ob­jects that you ­want to measure­ by iPhone's ca­mera.
3 you can­ use it to chec­k if an object ­is in a horizon­tal line and yo­u can also use ­it to check if ­it is in an upr­ight position.
­4 You can use i­t to capture an­y object's angl­e

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