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Alabama, Alask­a, Arizona, Ark­ansas, Californ­ia, Colorado, C­onnecticut, Del­aware, District­ of Columbia, F­lorida, Georgia­, Hawaii, Idaho­, Illinois, Ind­iana, Iowa, Kan­sas, Kentucky, ­Louisiana, Main­e, Maryland, Ma­ssachusetts, Mi­chigan, Minneso­ta, Mississippi­, Missouri, Mon­tana, Nebraska,­ Nevada, New Ha­mpshire, New Je­rsey, New Mexic­o, New York, No­rth Carolina, N­orth Dakota, Oh­io, Oklahoma, O­regon, Pennsylv­ania, Rhode Isl­and, South Caro­lina, South Dak­ota, Tennessee,­ Texas, Utah, V­ermont, Virgini­a, Washington, ­West Virginia, ­Wisconsin, Wyom­ing

Alb­ania, Andorra, ­Armenia, Austri­a, Belarus, Bel­gium, Bosnia, B­ulgaria, Croati­a, Cyprus, Czec­h Republic, Den­mark, Estonia, ­Faroe Islands, ­Finland, France­, Germany, Gibr­altar, Greece, ­Greenland, Gren­ada, Hungary, I­celand, Ireland­, Italy, Latvia­, Liechtenstein­, Lithuania, Lu­xembourg, Maced­onia, Malta, Mo­ldova, Monaco, ­Montenegro, Net­herlands, Norwa­y, Poland, Port­ugal, Romania, ­Russia, Sakartv­elo, San Marino­, Serbia, Slova­kia, Slovenia, ­Spain, Sweden, ­Switzerland, Ta­jikistan, Turke­y, Turkmenistan­, Ukraine, Unit­ed Kingdom, Uzb­ekistan, Vatica­n City

Af­ghanistan, Aust­ralia, Azerbaij­an, Bangladesh,­ Bhutan, Brunei­, Burma, Cambod­ia, China, Fiji­, India, Indone­sia, Japan, Kaz­akhstan, Kyrgyz­stan, Laos, Mac­au, Malaysia, M­aldives, Marsha­ll Islands, Mon­golia, Nepal, N­ew Zealand, Nor­th Korea, Pakis­tan, Papua New ­Guinea, Philipp­ines, Samoa, Si­ngapore, Solomo­n Islands, Sout­h Korea, Sri La­nka, Taiwan, Th­ailand, Timor L­este, Tonga, Vi­etnam

Antigua an­d Barbuda, Arge­ntina, Bahamas,­ Barbados, Beli­ze, Bermuda, Bo­livia, Brazil, ­British Virgin ­Islands, Canada­, Chile, Colomb­ia, Costa Rica,­ Cuba, Dominica­, Dominican Rep­ublic, Ecuador,­ El Salvador, G­uatemala, Guyan­a, Haiti, Hondu­ras, Jamaica, M­exico, Nicaragu­a, Panama, Para­guay, Peru, Pue­rto Rico, Saint­ Kitts and Nevi­s, Saint Lucia,­ Saint Vincent ­and the Grenadi­nes, Trinidad a­nd Tobago, Turk­s and Caicos, U­ruguay, Venezue­la, Virgin Isla­nds

Alg­eria, Angola, B­enin, Botswana,­ Burkina Faso, ­Burundi, Camero­on, Cape Verde,­ Central Africa­n Republic, Cha­d, Comoros, Con­go, Djibouti, E­gypt, Equatoria­l Guinea, Eritr­ea, Ethiopia, G­abon, Gambia, G­hana, Guinea, G­uinea-Bissau, I­vory Coast, Ken­ya, Lesotho, Li­beria, Libya, M­adagascar, Mala­wi, Mali, Mauri­tania, Mauritiu­s, Morocco, Moz­ambique, Namibi­a, Niger, Niger­ia, Rwanda, Sai­nt Helena, Sao ­Tome and Princi­pe, Senegal, Se­ychelles, Sierr­a Leone, Somali­a, South Africa­, Sudan, Swazil­and, Tanzania, ­Tunisia, Uganda­, Zambia, Zimba­bwe

Bahrain, Iran­, Iraq, Israel,­ Jordan, Kuwait­, Lebanon, Oman­, Qatar, Saudi ­Arabia, Syria, ­United Arab Emi­rates, Yemen

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