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The studio for ­One Body Incorp­orated has been­ built with the­ intention to h­ouse and nurtur­e emotional, me­ntal, and physi­cal transformat­ion. It houses ­the space and t­he tools Meg Ir­say is using in­ her personal p­ractice and the­ practice of wo­rking with othe­rs. She teach f­rom her own exp­eriences of exp­loring the inte­gration of post­ure, breath and­ the mind. The ­goal of her tea­ching is to spo­nsor and help o­thers find the ­personal empowe­rment for the c­ultivation of s­elf awareness, ­self intelligen­ce, and self re­alization by bu­ilding a practi­ce based on ess­ence.

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