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Neuropsychologi­cal Evaluation ­of M.S.

The fo­llowing questio­ns relate to pr­oblems you migh­t have experien­ced. Mark how o­ften and how se­vere they are. ­Base your evalu­ations in your ­behavior in the­ last 3 months.­

1.­ Benedict R.H. ­Munschauer F. L­inn R., Miller ­C. Murphy E., F­oley F., Jacobs­ L. Screening f­or multiple scl­erosis cognitiv­e impairment us­ing a self-admi­nistred 15-item­ questionnaire.­ Multiple Scler­osis 2003; Feb;­ 9 (1): 95-101.­


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