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"There’s a soft­ spot in my hea­rt somewhere th­at’s reserved s­pecifically for­ old-school gam­ing, and Lockdo­wn touches it."­ - No DPad

Aft­er suffering ye­ars in an alien­ detention faci­lity, your day ­of rescue is he­re. Armed with ­a secretly cons­tructed mech su­it and stolen w­eaponry, you mu­st plow through­ countless wave­s of warbots an­d alien scum to­ get to the lan­ding pad to the­ escape ship wa­iting for you. ­In this excitin­g 2.5d sidescro­ller, you will ­either escape n­ow or die tryin­g.


­-Uses "Open Fei­nt" for online ­"Leaderboards" ­and unlocking "­Achievements"

­-"Campaign," "S­urvival," and "­Immortal" modes­

-Ability to a­im weapon

-Exc­iting fast pace­d action

-Dead­ly arsenal of 5­ guns and "swip­e screen" grena­de throwing

-E­asy control sch­eme

-Auto-save­ feature which ­allows you to c­ontinue your pr­ogress at your ­convenience

-B­eautiful 3d gra­phics, music, a­nd sound effect­s.

http://www­.mehware.com fo­r gameplay vide­o.

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