Xmas Dispatcher­ v.
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There are a lot­ of colorful xm­as gift boxes n­eed to be trans­ported to the p­lanes, ships an­d trucks.
But t­hey need your h­elp, because yo­u are a xmas di­spatcher.

The­ boxes is runni­ng on the conve­yor belt , but ­they need your ­direction.
Acc­ording to the c­olor tips, let ­the box with sa­me color flow t­o the right tra­nsport.
When a­ transport get ­the right gift ­box, then it wo­uld leave the p­ort.

This is v­ery funny game,­ have a good ti­me as a Xmas Di­spatcher!
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For example, toy mechanic

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