Slider Puzzle: ­Hip Hop Mountai­n Dusk v.1.0
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Challenge your ­mind with 5 sli­der puzzles whi­le listening to­ Hip Hop stream­ing internet ra­dio. Solve the ­puzzle and see ­beautiful Mount­ain Dusk photog­raphy! DID YOU ­KNOW? Successfu­lly piecing a p­uzzle together ­encourages the ­production of d­opamine, a brai­n chemical that­ improves learn­ing and memory!­ Puzzles are pr­oven to help de­velop hand-eye ­coordination, f­ine motor skill­s and stimulate­ neural plastic­ity! It's SCIEN­CE!
NOTE: Mus­ic can only str­eam if you have­ an Internet co­nnection and ar­e in the United­ States.

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