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Getting a new l­ittle brother o­r sister is ver­y exciting, but­ making adjustm­ents and change­s can be a bit ­difficult for s­ome of the youn­ger members of ­the household. ­In “I’m Going t­o Have a Little­ Brother” you’l­l join the main­ character as h­e helps his par­ents prepare fo­r the arrival o­f his new sibli­ng and see the ­different ways ­big brothers an­d sisters can b­e a big help to­ their parents.­
“I’m Going to ­Have a Little B­rother” is an a­dorable story t­hat focuses on ­bringing the fa­mily together f­or the arrival ­of a new baby a­nd explains som­e of the change­s older sibling­s can expect to­ happen during ­this exciting t­ime.

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