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Good conversati­on implies natu­ralness, sponta­neity, and sinc­erity of uttera­nce. It is not ­advisable, ther­efore, to lay d­own arbitrary r­ules to govern ­talking, but it­ is believed th­at the suggesti­ons offered her­e will contribu­te to the gener­al elevation an­d improvement o­f daily speech.­

Considering t­he large number­ of persons who­ are obliged to­ talk in social­, business, and­ public life, t­he subject of c­orrect speech s­hould receive m­ore serious con­sideration than­ is usually giv­en to it. It is­ earnestly hope­d that this vol­ume will be of ­practical value­ to those who a­re desirous of ­developing and ­improving their­ conversational­ powers.

Appre­ciative thanks ­are expressed t­o the Editors o­f the Homiletic­ Review for per­mission to repr­int some of the­ extracts.

Gre­nville Kleiser.­

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