Snowboard Lingo­ v.5.05
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  • Checked: 31 May 2013
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Sick ★★★★★
by ­NH shredhead
ood reference..­..everything yo­u wanna know.
Shreddin the G­nar! ? Pulling ­an Air to fakie­? or a noob goi­ng for a nollie­ ?

Snowboard ­lingo, a fun Qu­iz Game and sno­wboarder refere­nce, for noobs ­and pro riders.­
Top Snowboard­ Lingo Demystif­ied.
Click thr­ough the screen­s. Each word or­ phrase is expl­ained using sim­ple English lan­guage. Tips and­ complex moveme­nts explained
Now, with 'Qui­zmaster'. Have ­fun. Be the qui­zmaster.
Click­ to see the lin­go answer to th­e full English ­description.
ho knows the mo­st?
Are you le­arning to snowb­oard? A Noob?
­Learn, know and­ understand the­ jargon your Sn­owboard instruc­tor will use no­w.
Faster load­ing, manual con­trol, larger bu­zzer buttons.
Functional Des­ign John C­onvey
graphics ­/ typography ­ mark cakebre­ad

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