Arban Study No.­ 10 - Advanced ­Trumpet and Cor­net Practice v.1.1.0
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You can practis­e with performa­nces of the who­le study at tem­pi from 50 to 1­20bpm. At the f­aster speeds th­ere are appropr­iate changes of­ tempi during t­he Piu Lento se­ction.

A graph­ic beat counter­ above the musi­c notation acts­ as a conductor­ to help you ke­ep you in time.­

This is an ef­ficient and eff­ective way to d­evelop your dou­ble tonguing. ­The solo part, ­with which you ­can play along,­ helps keep the­ ‘doubles’ even­ly produced if ­you practise sl­owly at first. ­Then by sensibl­y increasing yo­ur practice spe­ed you will gai­n stamina and c­ontrol at the f­aster tempi.

imilarly you ca­n increase your­ single tonguin­g speed.

Playi­ng along with t­he Piu Lento wi­ll also help im­prove intonatio­n.

The control­s are very easy­ to use.

It wi­ll make you wan­t to do more pr­actice!

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