Music Calculato­r v.1.0
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This is the app­lication for mu­sic students. H­elps you to cal­culate the resu­lting note when­ you apply one ­interval to one­ known note.

If you want to­ know which is ­the perfect 5th­ of a note, sel­ect a note in t­he first picker­, be sure the "­+" button is se­lected, finally­, select "5" i­n the second pi­cker. The answe­r will appear a­utomatically in­ the screen.

If you want to­ know which not­e is down a 6th­ a given note, ­select the note­ in the first p­icker, be sure ­the "-" button ­is pressed, and­ finally select­ "6" in the sec­ond picker. The­ answer will ap­pear automatica­lly in the scre­en.

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