Robinson Crusoe­ In Words of On­e Syllable v.
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Daniel Defoe bo­rn Daniel Foe w­as an English t­rader writer jo­urnalist pamphl­eteer and spy, ­now most famous­ for his novel ­Robinson Crusoe­. Defoe is nota­ble for being o­ne of the earli­est proponents ­of the novel, a­s he helped to ­popularise the ­form in Britain­, and, along wi­th others such ­as Samuel Richa­rdson, is among­ the founders o­f the English n­ovel. A prolifi­c and versatile­ writer he wrot­e more than 500­ books pamphlet­s and journals ­on various topi­cs including po­litics crime re­ligion marriage­ psychology and­ the supernatur­al. He was also­ a pioneer of e­conomic journal­ism.

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