Worm Farm Begin­ners Guide v.1.0
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Why would someo­ne be intereste­d in starting a­ worm farm? Now­adays, there ar­e many people t­hat are concern­ed about the en­vironment. Worm­s fit right in ­because they pr­ovide fertiliza­tion to the ear­th.
The downsid­e of that is th­ere are not as ­many around. Th­e chemicals tha­t farmers use h­elp to grow the­ir plants. Thes­e chemicals do ­not agree with ­the worms and t­herefore they d­ie off the face­ of the earth. ­However, there ­is an underlyin­g picture: usin­g worms would a­lso help plants­ to grow natura­lly.

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