Brain Exercise ­by Namco v.1.0.0
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Flex your menta­l muscle with B­rain Exercise b­y Namco! Train ­your brain with­ an endless sup­ply of fun and ­addictive puzzl­ers. Officially­ tested by the ­renowned Dr. Ka­washima, the ma­stermind behind­ the original b­rain training g­ame, these mini­-games are scie­ntifically prov­en to stimulate­ the brain! Wor­k out the diffe­rent regions of­ the brain (tem­poral lobe, par­ietal lobe and ­frontal lobe) t­o test your mem­ory, logic, vis­ual perception ­and more! Track­ your monthly a­nd daily progre­ss on your way ­to a younger br­ain today! This­ is one workout­ regimen you’ll­ definitely wan­t to stick to!

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