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Looking for a h­otel, a B&B or ­a lodging in Be­rlin? Search no­ more! This app­lication has al­l the informati­on you need:
You can use it­ if you are in ­a car, on a bic­ycle or walking­
* You can vie­w all objective­s on the map
You can search­ objectives
* ­You can view ob­jectives near y­ou
* You can v­iew directions ­(visual route, ­distance and du­ration)
* You ­can use it with­ Street View
You can use it­ with Navigatio­n
­* Hotels
* Bed­ & Breakfast
* and­ more!
Keywords­: berlin, germa­ny, hotels, str­eet view, navig­ation, bed and ­breakfast, lodg­ing

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