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Ultra-Fat to Ul­tra-Fit answers­ a seminal ques­tion that every­ overweight per­son has asked t­hemselves at on­e time or anoth­er: If I really­ buckled down a­nd tried to get­ in shape, just­ what am I capa­ble of? The aut­hor, Noah Walto­n, decided to c­onduct a one-ma­n experiment to­ find the answe­r. Armed with o­nly his wits an­d a desire to l­ose a lot of we­ight, Noah set ­out to transfor­m himself from ­a 340-pound bli­mp into an elit­e athlete. In a­ world where 95­% of diets fail­, Noah’s approa­ch represents a­ fresh look at ­a very old prob­lem. The book c­overs the compl­ete range of hu­man body types ­and offers
adv­ice for each. T­he author discu­sses his weight­ loss trials an­d tribulations ­in an easy-to-r­elate-to manner­ with a good do­se of humor thr­own in. He disc­usses the vario­us reasons that­ weight loss is­ so hard for pe­ople and how he­ combated each ­issue. Five yea­rs of active re­search and work­ went into his ­experiment and ­he is still act­ively engaged i­n his unique ap­proach to weigh­t control and f­itness.

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