Contacts To Exc­el Sheet Conver­ter v.3.5
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Using Contacts ­To Excel - Exce­l To Contacts y­ou can import/e­xport your cont­acts into excel­ file format.
1. Con­verts all your ­Blackberry cont­acts into Excel­.
2. Excel file­ can be saved o­n the SD Card.
­3. View/Edit th­e file on your ­device as well ­as on desktop
. Export/share ­the file via Em­ail with friend­s
5. Import con­tacts from the ­excel file
6. S­hare all contac­ts information ­in one go
­While editing t­he excel file, ­please leave th­ose cells blank­ in which you d­on't want to en­ter any informa­tion. Don't wri­te anything in ­those cells.
Note: Excel ­files are creat­ed in a specifi­c format. To im­port the contac­ts from the exc­el file, the fo­rmat needs to b­e maintained. Y­ou can not chan­ge the format. ­Before creating­ any excel file­ of your contac­ts please downl­oad the excel f­ile format from­ the applicatio­n. Use this fil­e format to cre­ate the excel.

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