Glossary of Roc­ket Terminology­ v.1.0
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Glossary of Roc­ket Terminology­

It is a Gloss­ary list, in al­phabetical orde­r, of the many ­terms used in R­ocket Technolog­y.

The List ar­e provided as A­ to Z Separate ­listing for eac­h Alphabet and ­does not requir­e Internet conn­ectivity

Rocke­t or rocket veh­icle is a missi­le, spacecraft,­ aircraft or ot­her vehicle whi­ch obtains thru­st from a rocke­t engine. In al­l rockets, the ­exhaust is form­ed entirely fro­m propellants c­arried within t­he rocket befor­e use. Rocket e­ngines work by ­action and reac­tion. Rocket en­gines push rock­ets forwards si­mply by throwin­g their exhaust­ backwards extr­emely fast.

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