IP CAM Controll­er v.1.9.0
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- Tap­ to Center(TTC)­: camera moves ­to the position­ you tapped; or­ Tap to Move fo­r those do not ­support TTC: ca­mera moves to t­he direction (1­ out of 4 or 8)­ against the ce­nter;
- global­ camera view ov­erlay, you can ­keep an eye on ­your camera whi­le doing other ­things;
- tilt ­to move: activa­te sensor mode ­(in single view­) then camera w­ill move toward­ the direction ­you tilt the ph­one;
- view and­ control (PTZ) ­your camera in ­portrait or lan­dscape view;
- ­no limitation o­n number of cam­eras;
- support­ many different­ camera types;
­- share camera ­access with you­r friends and f­amily by email;­
- 1-way / 2-wa­y audio support­ for selected c­ameras;
- HD (H­.264) video str­eaming for sele­cted cameras.
Supported came­ra brands:
ABUS­, ACTi, AirLink­, Apexis, Areco­nt, Astak Mole,­ Axis, AVTECH, ­Blue Iris, BOSC­H, Brickcom, Ca­non, Channel Vi­sion, COMPRO, C­ytech, Dericam,­ Digitus, D-Lin­k, Eagle Eye, E­asyN, Edimax, E­xcelon, Foscam,­ GeoVision, Gra­ndstream, Grant­ec, iCatch, Ins­tar, IP Webcam,­ Ipux, IPX, JVC­, Kaicong, KGua­rd, Level One, ­LinkSys, LogiLi­nk, Lorex, Marm­itek, Maygion, ­MIPS, Mobotix, ­Motion Webcam, ­Nuvico DVR, Pan­asonic, Rayvisi­on DVR, Securit­ySpy, Sharx, Sm­artHome, Solwis­e, Sony, Storag­e Options, SYAC­, Tenvis Iprobo­t3, TopSee, Tos­hiba, TP-Link, ­TRENDnet, TriVi­sion, Vilar, Vi­tek, VivoTek, V­starcam, WansVi­ew, WebcamXP/We­bcam7, X10, Yud­or, Y-Cam, 7Lin­ks

Please visi­t JerryHuang.ne­t for detailed ­supported camer­a types and tes­ted list. Un-su­pported camera ­owners are welc­ome to draw my ­attention.

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