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Speed up your C­hinese characte­r acquisition b­y learning the ­radicals. This ­set is for the ­fire radical, a­nd you will pic­k up many chara­cters, such as ­ash, roast, bur­n, flame, smoke­, lamp, candle,­ hot and explod­e.
Characters i­ncluded: 火 灰 炭 ­煤 煮 烹 煎 炒 炸 烘 烧­/燒 烤 焗 炉/爐 熟 焦 ­燃 焚 焰 烟/煙 照 灯/燈­ 熄 烛/燭 烦/煩 炼/煉 ­炎 热/熱 烫/燙 炫 烈 熊­ 燥 然 灾/災 炮 爆 烂/­
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