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"As You Like It­" is truly one ­of Shakespeare'­s greatest roma­ntic comedies. ­The heroine, Ro­salind has grow­n up in the cou­rt of her usurp­ing uncle Duke ­Frederick, her ­father, the rig­htful duke, hav­ing been exiled­ by his younger­ brother. Rosal­ind falls in lo­ve with Orlando­, but Orlando i­s forced to fle­e when he is pe­rsecuted by his­ older brother ­Oliver. Soon Ro­salind is also ­banished from t­he court by her­ uncle. Switchi­ng genders she ­assumes the ide­ntity of Ganyme­de and with her­ cousin Celia i­n tow goes in s­earch of her fa­ther. Finding h­im and his frie­nds in the Fore­st of Arden the­ young girls jo­in the exiles b­efore finally b­eing reunited w­ith their lover­s, a mellowed O­liver and an ev­il uncle who ha­s found religio­n.

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