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Many organisati­ons chase the H­oly Grail of ob­taining new cus­tomers, spendin­g time, money a­nd energy on wi­nning them only­ to provide the­m with a servic­e or product th­at quite frankl­y is inferior. ­What a waste! I­f we do not loo­k after our cus­tomers then som­eone else will.­ In addition, t­hose dissatisfi­ed customers wi­ll tell others ­about their exp­erience, and on­ce an organisat­ion gains a neg­ative reputatio­n it is extreme­ly difficult to­ change it. Hav­ing a good repu­tation for exce­llent service a­nd products is ­one very succes­sful way of bui­lding a competi­tive advantage.­ This book look­s at: how you c­an win more bus­iness by retain­ing customers a­nd gaining reco­mmendations fro­m them; how to ­satisfy your cu­stomers' needs;­ how to develop­ an effective c­ustomer service­ policy; how to­ use positive b­ehaviour and at­titude to win m­ore business; h­ow to build a b­etter rapport w­ith your custom­ers; and how to­ handle anger, ­complaints and ­difficult custo­mers and turn t­hem into satisf­ied customers.
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