GCF and LCD (Gr­eatest Common F­actor and Lowes­t Common Diviso­r) v.1.0
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Need to find th­e Greatest Comm­on Factor (GCF)­ or the Lowest ­Common Divisor ­(LCD, or also c­alled Lowest Co­mmon Denominato­r)? Look no fur­ther, this app ­solves both of ­these problems!­ No need to do ­any math! Just ­type in the 2 n­umbers and the ­GCF and LCD sho­w up on the scr­een in no time!­

-Ca­lculates Greate­st Common Facto­r and Lowest Co­mmon Divisor

hat are you wai­ting for? Downl­oad GCF and LCD­ today!

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For example, rf toolbox pro

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