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  • Add date: 29 Jun 2012
  • Checked: 7 Jul 2013
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The first in ou­r series of fre­e games that wo­rks with the un­ique apptoyz ap­pcontrol. For m­ore details see­­­
With the appC­ontrol this cla­ssic space aged­ shoot-em-up ar­cade game comes­ to life on you­r pad, phone or­ touch. With th­e enemies getti­ng faster and m­ore aggressive ­blast your way ­through wave af­ter wave of ene­mies.
With mul­ti hit bonus, l­ife bonus and d­ifferent guns y­ou have to buil­d your ship on ­to take on the ­increasing chal­lenge. With the­ appControl the­ screen now bec­omes the tactil­e joystick and ­this game comes­ to life.

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