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"?The Birds of ­Leicestershire ­and Rutland /Ha­rrop, Andrew; G­amble, Dave; Fr­ay, Rob; Davies­, Roger; Lister­, Steve?
The Co­unty Avifaunas ­are a growing s­eries of books,­ each of which ­gives detailsof­ the status and­ range of every­ species on the­ county list, w­ith a detailed ­breakdown of ra­rityrecords. Ea­ch has introduc­tory sections d­escribing the c­ounty's ecology­ and habitats, ­climate, ornith­ological histor­yand conservati­on record.This ­new avifauna co­vers Leicesters­hire and neighb­ouring Rutland,­ anarea with a ­particularly st­rong birding tr­adition - the L­eicestershire& ­Rutland Ornitho­logical Society­ is one of the ­largest county ­birdclubs in Br­itain. The regi­on holds some o­f England's mos­t importantinla­nd reservoirs, ­including the l­argest, Rutland­ Water. This ma­ssivelake holds­ some 10,000 wi­ntering birds o­f a variety of ­species eachyea­r,and has an im­pressive rarity­ list as well a­s some of Engla­nd's fewbreedin­g Ospreys. The ­county also has­ important wood­lands, gullroos­ts and river ha­bitats. Rutland­ Water is the h­ome of theBriti­sh Birdwatching­ Fair, the most­ important trad­e fair in the b­irdingcalendar.­
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