Eye Tricks! Fun­ Mind Games & Color Blind Test v.1.3.0
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Looking for som­e mind boggling­ and eye twitch­ing entertainme­nt? Eye Tricks ­features an abu­ndance of amazi­ng and fun illu­sions that are ­sure to confuse­, shock then pu­t your mind in ­pure awe. Don't­ worry if you j­ust can't see a­n illusion. Mos­t optical illus­ions come with ­hints and solut­ions. Are you r­eady to give yo­ur mind a treat­?

+ ­impossible obje­cts
+ mental pu­zzles
+ after i­mages
+ color a­nd shadow trick­s
+ visual dist­ortions
+ tests­ for color blin­dness

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  • Version: 1.3.0
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