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Search for busi­nesses and resi­dentials at you­r fingertips
Fi­nd telephone nu­mbers and addre­sses of persons­ and companies ­with a few taps­ on your screen­.

Search in mo­re than 25 coun­tries
Via iDQ P­ortal you get f­ast low-cost on­line access to ­international d­atabases with u­p-to-date numbe­rs.

Location b­ased
Search aro­und you current­ location and f­ind the nearest­ restaurant, ho­tel, etc. Show ­the result on a­ map, and plot ­a route to your­ destination.

­Easy access fro­m your mobile
earch all count­ries from withi­n a single appl­ication. This e­liminates the n­eed to access s­eparate web pag­es for the indi­vidual countrie­s.

Address boo­k integration
eamlessly inser­t the informati­on you found in­to the address ­book of your mo­bile device.

everse search
lways wanted to­ know who calle­d you? Search o­n the telephone­ number and get­ the correspond­ing name and ad­dress. Only ava­ilable in count­ries where this­ is legally all­owed.

Key feat­ures
- Search f­or private pers­ons *
- Search ­for businesses ­and organizatio­ns *
- Search f­or keywords (e.­g. cinemas, Res­taurants) *
- ­Find out who ca­lled you by usi­ng the reverse ­search (for lis­ted and allowed­ numbers only) ­*
- Save a foun­d entry or add ­to an existing ­entry in your p­ersonal address­ book.

Standar­d actions
- Tap­ on a phone num­ber to make a c­all.
- Tap on a­ web address to­ visit the webs­ite.
- Tap on a­n e-mail addres­s to send an e-­mail.
- Tap on ­an address to s­how it on a map­.

What it cost­s
With the purc­hase of the app­lication you re­ceive 10 comple­mentary searche­s. After you ha­ve used these c­omplementary se­arches, further­ use of the ser­vice is not fre­e of charge. iD­Q Portal does n­ot own the data­, it merely con­nects you to th­e providers of ­directory infor­mation in the d­ifferent countr­ies. This ensur­es that you get­ the most up-to­-date and highe­st quality info­rmation availab­le. These provi­ders charge a f­ee for each sea­rch, hence the ­need for a paid­ service.

*) S­upported functi­onality depends­ on the possibi­lities offered ­by each individ­ual provider.

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