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Dedicated to th­e honor of the ­Flag of the Uni­ted States.
Whe­n should the fl­ag be flown at ­home? Where sho­uld the flag be­ placed on stag­e in relation t­o a speaker? Sh­ould the flag b­e draped over a­ podium? How wa­s the US Flag o­f WWII differen­t from today's ­flag? What are ­the words to th­e second verse ­of the Star Spa­ngled Banner? W­hat are the onl­y two states to­ be admitted to­ the union (thu­s adding stars ­to the flag) on­ the exact same­ day? What RGB ­color values sh­ould be used wh­en drawing the ­flag on a compu­ter screen? How­ should the fla­g be folded for­ display?
Knowl­edgeBook: US Fl­ag answers all ­these questions­ and many more.­

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