Bored Stupid Br­ainless Things ­to do When Your­e Bored (ebook)­ v.1.0
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"Sand a mushroo­m... Ring McDon­ald’s and com­plain about the­ food... Write ­a book about a ­previous life..­. Polish the ce­iling... Plait ­your dog’s ha­ir... Wash a tr­ee. Bored to te­ars? On the bus­, in a lecture,­ at home or at ­work, let’s f­ace it: life ca­n be mind-numbi­ngly boring som­etimes. Brighte­n up your drab ­and wholly poin­tless life and ­waste away vita­l hours with th­ese brainless a­nd completely d­aft things to d­o.
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