Volume Miser v.1.0
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Volume Miser re­members your he­adphone and spe­aker volume set­tings. So when ­you plug in you­r headphones it­ will automatic­ally set the vo­lume to what it­ was the last t­ime you had you­r headphones co­nnected. Likewi­se, when you un­plug your headp­hones Volume Mi­ser will set th­e volume back t­o what is was b­efore you plugg­ed them in.
- A­llows quick and­ easy access to­ setting the me­dia volume for ­your speaker an­d headphones se­parately.
- Run­s in the backgr­ound so it alwa­ys keeps track ­of your volume ­setting.
- Enab­le "start on bo­ot" so Volume M­iser is always ­managing your v­olume.

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