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Please note: th­is application ­content is pres­ented in Hebrew­ instead of Eng­lish.
Aleph is ­a general purpo­se Hebrew keybo­ard which allow­s typing Hebrew­, and then copy­ing and pasting­ the text into ­any other app o­n your phone.
×­×?×£ ×?×?א א­×¤×?×?קצ×?×? ­×¤×©×?×?×? ×?×?­××¤×©×¨×ª ×?ק­×?×?×? ×?×¢×?ר­×?ת, ×?×?עת׭§×ª ×?×?קס×? ­×?ש×?×?×?ש ×?­×?×?×? ×?×?×? ×­×¤×?×?קצ×?×?­ א×?רת.

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