Today it’s impossible to imagine our life without mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, E-books, mp3 players and many others. We have to download mobile applications from internet stores, but sometimes it is truly hard to find exact mobile software you want.

General Play is made specifically for those who enjoy using advanced electronic gadgets, but have tired to search for useful mobile applications from amounts of App markets and other internet resources.

General Play is first a unique search engine that uses special algorithms to search the app you want through most of popular file hosting web sites and app markets at one time. We implemented all advanced technologies that are used in our best search engine - General Files. It means that you will be able to do the most efficient search in most convenient way.

The main idea of General Play is to separate search for mobile applications from search for other file types. But it is not just convenient file search engine, which, among other things, allows you sorting search results according to your device platform only. Also you will find an extended description for almost any app you want to download. It would be fair to say, that General Play is a new branch for General World.

General Play is the new member of General World family. Our company is the team of professional developers who worked hard to represent this new Project. General Play is not just new internet service, it is a fruit of all our knowledge and experience that we’ve earned since launching General World’s first projects.

Originally our projects were of enthusiastic character. And as we were gradually developing and growing, our projects were becoming more and more advanced. And General Play is one of the best our children and we do proud of it.




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